ANC 6A Purpose

The Advisory Neighborhood Commissions consider a wide range of policies and programs affecting their neighborhoods, including traffic, parking, recreation, street improvements, liquor licenses, zoning, economic development, police protection, sanitation and trash collection, and the District’s annual budget.

In each of these areas, the intent of the ANC legislation is to ensure input from an advisory board that is made up of the residents of the neighborhoods that are directly affected by government action. The ANCs are the body of government with the closest official ties to the people in a neighborhood.  Commissioners serve as unpaid volunteers.

The ANCs present their positions and recommendations on issues to various District government agencies, the Executive Branch, and the Council. They also present testimony to independent agencies, boards and commissions, usually under rules of procedure specific to those entities. By law, the ANCs may also present their positions to Federal agencies.

Grants: Special rules for the awarding of grants apply during the COVID-19 Health Emergency. ANCs may approve grants to an organization providing humanitarian relief, including food or supplies, during the public health emergency, or otherwise assisting in the response to the public health emergency anywhere in the District of Columbia, even if those services are duplicative of services also performed by the District government in its place. These special grant rules are scheduled to expire on January 7, 2022.

For information about the grant application process, visit the Other Documents page.


Draft Revision of ANC 6A Bylaws – Community Input Requested

ANC 6A is revising its bylaws to make updates to reflect the Commission’s operations, mission, and procedures.

The current bylaws, adopted in 2013, includes the laws and regulations that govern ANC 6A activities.

Over the past several months, an ad hoc committee of ANC 6A residents  and Commissioners has worked collaboratively to develop a draft revision.

The .pdf version of the draft document can be accessed and downloaded at Draft ANC 6A Bylaws 2021.  The .pdf version of the existing bylaws, adopted in 2013, can be accessed and downloaded here.

The Word versions of the 2013 and draft 2021 can be downloaded using the following links: ANC 6A Bylaws 2013 and Draft ANC 6A Bylaws 2021.

Please join ANC 6A Commissioners at the Community Outreach Committee Meeting on November 29, 2021 at 7:00 pm to review and discuss the draft document.

ANC 6A Virtual Meeting Information

Due to the ongoing Health Emergency in the District, ANC 6A’s commission and committee meetings will be conducted over Zoom.

Please note that community members joining meetings will be automatically placed in “Attendee” mode and will remain muted throughout the meeting. Community members should use the Q&A window to type questions or request to verbally relay their questions to Presenters or Commissioners.  At their discretion, the Chair will recognize individual community members to speak at which time individual’s lines will be temporarily unmuted. Individuals who need to make presentations regarding particular agenda items should coordinate logistics with the appropriate commissioner or committee chair, especially if any materials need to be shared with commissioners during the meeting.

Agendas for each meeting can be found on the Agendas page of this website.  Access details for each meeting can be found on the Community Calendar page of this website.

ughout the call and will not have the ability to speak at any point.

C Street NE Final Design Plans

Florida Avenue NE Streetscape – 90% Design

K Street NE Corridor Study

Register Your Child in DCPL’s Books from Birth Program to receive free books from birth until their 5th Birthday

17th & 19th Street Redesign Plans

Maryland Avenue Pedestrian Safety Project – 65% Construction Design

Reminder: Check the Community Calendar for cancellations

Public Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month, 7 p.m.
at Miner Elementary School, 601 15th Street NE.

ANC 6A Commissioners

Front Row: Sondra Phillips-Gilbert (6A07), Ruth Ann Hudson (6A05), Stephanie Zimny, (6A06), Marie-Claire Brown ( 6A01), Amber Gove (6A04), Chair

Back Row: Brian Alcorn, Treasurer (608), Mike Soderman, Secretary (6A03), Phil Toomajian, Vice-Chair (6A02)